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Bring The City School to your school or workplace!

For over 10 years, The City School's Social Justice Leadership Institute offers high-quality, tailored racial and social justice workshops to organizations and schools across New England.

All of our workshops are grounded in our methodology of popular education, and are interactive, participatory and youth-centric.

Our offerings include:

  • Introductory Workshops on Racial, Gender, Economic, Queer and Disability Justice

  • Youth Power and Challenging Adultism

  • Youth and Community Organizing

  • Community Building for Racial and Social Justice

  • Facilitation for Racial and Social Justice

  • Youth Leadership Development

  • Racial Justice and Mental Health

  • Collective Care and Transformative Justice


Our team leverages our extensive network of alumni facilitators to work with your organization or school to develop a workshop offering that meets your goals and aligns with our shared values.

Please be in touch with Tara ( or Mariko ( to discuss your workshop needs.

What will students gain?
  • An expanded understanding of how systems of race, class, gender and sexuality impact you and your peers.

  • A set of organizing tools to address racism, anti-Black racism, classism, sexism, cissexism and heterosexism at your school

  • Facilitation, public speaking and leadership skills to take increased leadership roles on your campus

  • Access to a larger network of social justice leaders within independent schools in New England.

Becoming an SJLI host

We partner with independent schools to host this program, and hosting has many benefits, including a larger cohort of students in attendance and additional leadership opportunities for students. We typically host two Institutes per year in the fall adn spring. Past hosts have included Phillips Academy Andover, Governor's Academy, Concord Academy and Northfield Mount Hermon School. Please reach out if you are interested in becoming a host school for a future SJLI!

Contact Mariko and Tara, SJLI Co-Coordinators, at or




"My school tends to be really fake social justice-y and I thought that SJLI would be the same but it wasn’t in the slightest. I think that the facilitators did a really good job of making sure the content was productive."

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